Raising awareness

Through global campaigns during major sporting events

Educating students and nurturing activism

Through our Student Ambassador University Programme

Advocating for legal reform

In the Commonwealth to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse

50 Million People
people are estimated to be in modern slavery
(Source: ILO)
of trafficking victims around the world are women and girls
(Source: ILO)
nearly one third of children account for identified trafficking victims globally
(Source: UNICEF & ICAT)
$150 Billion
is what human trafficking earns globally a year for traffickers
(Source: ILO)
The share of children among detected trafficking victims has tripled, while the share of boys has increased five times over the past 15 years.
(Source: UNODC Human Trafficking FAQs)
It’s a Penalty collaboratively combats human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse using sport’s unifying power to drive local and global educational campaigns during significant sporting events. We customise these campaigns for each host location, achieving worldwide reach averaging 180 million people.

Our multifaceted approach includes collaboration with sectors like sports, travel, tourism, law enforcement, and NGOs. Having so far campaigned during 17 Major Sporting Events and the Liam Neeson ‘What is Human Trafficking’ campaign, It’s a Penalty, together with partners, has facilitated the protection of over 17,000 survivors of abuse, exploitation and trafficking, and prevented thousands more from being victimised.

Parallel to our campaigns, It’s a Penalty runs three core programmes: CommonProtect advocates for legal reform in Commonwealth countries, the Student Ambassador Programme empowers UK university students to combat exploitation.

Through education, awareness, and intervention, It’s a Penalty aims for a world free from exploitation and abuse.