the difference we’re making to the global landscape of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking

Since 2014, It’s a Penalty has been working in collaboration to disrupt the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world: human trafficking and exploitation.

Matthew’s Story

Following the 2018 It’s a Penalty Campaign, an 11-year-old boy was inspired to contact us after watching our campaign film on one of our partner airlines’ flights. Matthew contacted us to report the abuse that he and his teammates were suffering at the hands of their swimming coach.

Fortunately from the information this brave child provided us with, we were able to contact the Hong Kong Family & Child Protective Services Unit (FCPSU) to alert them of this potential abuse case. The FCPSU followed Matthew’s disclosure and the appropriate action has since been taken to protect this child and his teammates from this coach.

Four Girls in Atlanta

During our 2019 Campaign at the Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, It’s a Penalty teamed up with The SOAP Project to deliver a weekend of volunteers visiting 300+ hotels and motels in Atlanta distributing materials with trafficking reporting hotlines information, as well as a NCMEC list of missing children in Atlanta.

FOUR hotels recognized teens from this list.

One teen girl from this list was in a room right as the volunteers were there, and the hotel called the police, facilitating her protection.

Ciara and Lou’s Story

As part of the 2019 Campaign, 6000 Uber and Lyft drivers across Atlanta were trained by our partners IHTI and displayed It’s a Penalty campaign materials inside their cars, including rear-view mirror hanging tags with the Polaris hotline.

“The It’s a Penalty Campaign is so important because our drivers interact with so many members of the community. The training, the awareness and the campaign materials saying what to do if you become suspicious of something are all so important for us at Uber.” – Ciara, Atlanta Uber Hub Manager

“The training has really opened my eyes, I’ve picked up young girls from hotels before and didn’t know how to report my concerns” – Lou, Uber Driver




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