Super Bowl LVIII (2024) in Las Vegas Campaign

It’s a Penalty campaigns around major sporting events, harnessing the power of sport to prevent abuse, exploitation and trafficking worldwide. We work with some of the biggest names in sport, sporting governing bodies, the travel and tourism industry, NGOs and the general public to end these forms of violence. In advance of the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, It’s a Penalty launched our seventh Super Bowl campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking, exploitation and abuse, the penalties for offenders, signs to look out for, how to report a suspected case and support available for survivors. Running from the beginning of January through the end of February 2024, the It’s a Penalty Las Vegas Campaign, with support from our partners and local NGOs, encouraged millions of people to help prevent modern slavery and protect survivors locally and globally.

Human trafficking, exploitation and abuse is a major issue in Las Vegas, the US and globally.

Las Vegas ranks in the top 10 states for trafficked and exploited youth. (Polaris, Nevada Sustainability Alliance)
50 million are estimated to be trafficked around the world (ILO)
Nevada's vibrant tourism industry presents unique challenges in the fight against human trafficking
90% of children trafficked in the United States are U.S. citizens. ( U.S. Department of Justice)