It’s a Penalty campaign around major sporting events, harnessing the power of sport to prevent abuse, exploitation and trafficking worldwide. We work with some of the biggest names in sport, sporting governing bodies, the travel and tourism industry, NGOs, law enforcement and the general public to end these forms of violence. 

From June-August 2022, It’s a Penalty will launch our latest campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking, exploitation and abuse, the penalties for offenders, signs to look out for, how to report a suspected case and support available for survivors.

The Birmingham Campaign will mobilise during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham to encourage millions of people to help prevent modern slavery and protect survivors throughout the West Midlands, the UK and worldwide.

Human trafficking, exploitation and abuse is a major issue in the West Midlands, the UK and globally.

There are an estimated 100,000 victims of modern slavery across the UK (Centre for Social Justice, 2020).
The economic and social cost of modern slavery is believed to be between £3.3 billion and £4.3 billion (Centre for Social Justice, 2020).
West Midlands Police report that there are up to 4,200 victims of modern slavery in the region (West Midlands Police, 2020).
70% of known cases of modern slavery in the West Midlands involve children (West Midlands Police, 2020).
The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified socio-economic inequalities, increasing the pool of potential people who may be exploited in modern slavery.
In the pandemic's wake, we know that the vulnerable will be even more susceptible to human trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

Our goals for the campaign are to:



sports fans and the general public about what human trafficking is, the penalties for offenders and how to #KNOWTHESIGNS of exploitation and human trafficking.



sports fans and the general public with ways to report anything suspicious.



If you SUSPECT IT? REPORT IT! and encourage victims to speak up.

It’s a Penalty’s Campaign in Birmingham is proudly endorsed by

United by Birmingham 2022.


Bespoke 30-second campaign film, featuring high-profile Commonwealth and world athletes, including Usain Bolt, Ellie Simmonds and Cathy Freeman.

Informative campaign materials featuring the faces of the Commonwealth athletes, signs to look out for, and Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline (Unseen) hotline information.

International airlines, including British Airways and Emirates, will show the campaign film in-flight throughout the lead-up to and during the Campaign.

Working with local organisations, including the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, Birmingham City Council, Faith Alliance and West Midlands Police’s Violence Reduction Unit, to contextualise our campaign messaging and support available for survivors.

Working with transport hubs, including airports, train stations, buses, trams, to display campaign materials and film to passengers throughout the West Midlands.

Partnering with the hospitality industry on-the-ground in Birmingham and the surrounding area, including Hilton, to distribute the campaign film and materials to educate hotel guests and employees.

Working with Birmingham City University, the University of Law and other West Midlands universities to empower the next generation of change-makers as part of our Student Ambassadors Network programme.

National and global social media and PR campaign to share campaign messages, information about our partnerships and provide essential information to people worldwide.


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