The It’s a Penalty Campaign harnesses the power of sport to protect children from exploitation and abuse globally, positioning major sporting events as a platform for positive change.

Our ultimate goal is to see child exploitation eradicated by 2030, contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals’ Target 16.2 ‘to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children’.

It’s a Penalty’s approach to protecting children from exploitation and abuse is comprehensive.


This campaign is the global movement to end child exploitation – we believe that prevention is better than cure. In order to have greater reach and impact in protecting children from exploitation, It’s a Penalty works in association with all those involved in major sporting events including International airlines;  some of the biggest names in sport; hotels; sporting governing bodies; international and local NGOs; corporates; law enforcement agencies; the general public.

Alongside our campaigning work, we are also advocating for the global implementation and enactment of extraterritorial legislation, which will allow countries to prosecute their citizens for the abuse of children if the offence takes place abroad. Despite its importance, only 43 countries worldwide currently have such provisions in place. Out of the 205 National Olympic Committees, this amounts to a mere 21%.

Together, we are working to build a world in which no child feels vulnerable to exploitation.