Creating a culture where all forms of human trafficking are no longer acceptable.

We believe that young people have the right to shape society but it’s often hard to know where to start.  We want to invest in students because they are the leaders of tomorrow and their voice matters today.  Our  aim is to encourage and support them in using their voice and developing their leadership skills to make change happen. On joining the Student Ambassador Network, they become part of a national network of young changemakers  to bring about the social transformation we all want to see locally and globally. 

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders

We know that awareness raising campaigns and education have a positive impact and can prevent human trafficking and exploitation.  Human trafficking and exploitation is all around us, in the open. It is vital that we raise awareness amongst wider society about how to spot the signs of human trafficking and how to report in order to help potential victims.

Many people are uneducated on spotting the signs and knowing who to report it to and how. By being shown step by step how to be an advocate for change and take action on things that matter, our student ambassadors will then be equipped to do this in their everyday lives and bit by bit, disrupt the trafficking industry. We believe that this programme will spark a chain reaction, starting with the student ambassadors who will then educate the public and their peers, to help shape the future where we live in a society where human trafficking no longer exists

The more people understand what human trafficking really is and how it manifests itself, the more effectively we can help victims and bring traffickers to justice.

Our ultimate goal is to eradicate abuse, exploitation and trafficking by 2030, contributing to the elimination of modern-day slavery and the achievement of UN SDG Target 16.2 ‘to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children

Through raising a community of student activists at universities, It’s a Penalty will:

Bring together

highly motivated students from Universities, growing the movement to end human trafficking;


them about the issue of human trafficking and exploitation;


them with the tools to become a successful ambassador of our work, and 


them to pioneer social change within their peer groups and wider University networks.

What It’s a Penalty Student Ambassadors receive:

This programme is designed to provide future social justice changemakers with a space to embrace creativity, enhance employability and champion a social justice initiative to complement academic learning and skills.  Student Ambassadors will gain core skills in communication, planning, leadership, project management, fundraising – all essential skills for those wishing to pursue a career in the charity sector, as well as many other graduate career paths.

Programme Alumni

Students who successfully complete our programme will be invited to apply for a position on our Youth Advisory Board. This Board will meet online once a Quarter (4/year), and members will be invited to give their views on upcoming It’s a Penalty campaigns. Particularly, we want young people to shape the future of our campaigns which will take place alongside youth-led major global sporting events, such as the Youth Commonwealth Games, US Collegiate Football Leagues and the Youth Olympics.

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