The Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association (CLA) exists to maintain and promote the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth by ensuring that an independent and efficient legal profession serves the people of the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth countries share a substantial common ground in their legal systems. The CLA is committed to the preservation of the highest standards of ethics and integrity and to the furtherance of the rule of law for the benefit of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

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Atlas Free are building a global movement uniting funders, adventurers, and everyday people with the best local organizations in the world. They specialize in finding and accelerating the most effective frontline initiatives and creating resources and tools to scale the fight against human trafficking, and are proud to partner with It’s a Penalty to support the CommonProtect programme as well as other initiatives.

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It’s a Penalty and CommonProtect are proudly supported by Sysdoc, a global consulting and IT business. Sysdoc is a recognised leader in enabling future ways of working. Katherine Corich, Founder of the Sysdoc Group, chairs It’s a Penalty’s board of trustees.

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The Thomson Reuters Foundation is a global leader in supporting free, independent journalism, human and women’s rights, and the rule of law. TrustLaw is one of the Foundation’s core programmes. It is the world’s largest legal pro bono platform, facilitating free legal advice and research for more than 4000 NGOs and social enterprises worldwide. By connecting organisations with pro bono lawyers, TrustLaw strengthens civil society, helps enshrine human rights at the heart of law-making and improves the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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The Commonwealth Organisation for Social Work (COSW) has been established for citizens of the Commonwealth who are committed to the promotion and implementation of social development within the civil society of Commonwealth countries. It is recognised as a formal partner by the Commonwealth Secretariat and IFSW. COSW’s objectives include the promotion of education and training of social workers throughout the world for the benefit of the public, the relief of poverty, and the promotion of the education of the public in matters of social policy, social organisation and social problems.

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It’s a Penalty and CommonProtect are proud to be a member of the International Safeguards for Children in Sport (ISCS). The ISCS initiative brings together organisations from six continents in order to make sport safe for all children, everywhere. The ISCS provides a foundational framework to help organisations create a safe sporting environment, offers guidance and resources to help organisations on their safeguarding journey and raises awareness of safeguarding practices, as well as the need for those practices.

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It’s a Penalty is a proud member of the WeProtect Global Alliance, a global movement of people and organisations working together to transform the global response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online.