Team Up Against Human Trafficking Campaign in Las Vegas 

We are excited to share the success of our 7th Super Bowl campaign, launched January 29 2024 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas! 

Working with a multitude of partners and key stakeholders spanning across the sports, travel, tourism and hospitality industry, local NGO’s, government and law enforcement, the campaign reached an impressive 153 million people. 

Our campaign utilised targeted media strategies to educate and engage the public on recognising the signs of exploitation and trafficking. 

Throughout the launch week, the It’s a Penalty team engaged in a wide range of activities including conducting trainings, hosting a volunteer survivor kit packing event and packing awareness kits for hotels across the Las Vegas strip. 

Key Achievements:

  • Broad Reach: The campaign successfully engaged over 153.8 million people through diverse media outlets and partnerships.
  • Community Involvement: More than 200 local employees received training to spot and report signs of trafficking, enhancing local capacity to respond to potential cases.
  • Direct Impact: Our efforts facilitated the recovery of several young victims and prevented numerous potential cases of exploitation.
  • Educational Outreach: Over 500 essential kits were distributed, providing crucial resources to survivors and at-risk populations.

As the city recovers from the event’s high tide, the enduring legacy of this campaign continues to strengthen community defenses against human trafficking. Our collaboration remains vital in safeguarding vulnerable communities and ensuring the safety and dignity of all individuals.

“It’s a Penalty has done tremendous work in the fight against human trafficking, and we are proud to partner with them on this important campaign,” said Maria Jose Gatti, Vice President of Philanthropy & Community Engagement at MGM Resorts. “We greatly appreciate the work done by community partners, law enforcement and groups like It’s a Penalty to combat human trafficking, and we remain committed to continuing our collaboration to provide actionable steps, education and resources on this vital issue.” – MGM Resorts International

Todd Fasulo, Vice President of Security, Corporate Investigations and Crisis Management for Wynn Las Vegas, said “It’s our privilege to be part of the significant impact It’s a Penalty is making in Las Vegas in the fight against human trafficking.”

Please read the full impact report here.

Written by Anisa Easterbrook

Marketing and Communications Director