Winter Games in South Korea 9-25th February

70,176,853 people total impact reached


The time that we worked with It’s a Penalty campaign gave us great happiness. I will cherish that memory for long time

Taeckhyung Kim, Project Manager I Public Engagement Team, POCOG


Main achievements

Campaign film:  13,550,000 passengers- shown on British Airways flights for 3 months, at the giant screens at the Winter Games Plaza

Publications: 13,500,000 people – LATAM airlines shared a full-page ad on their inflight magazine

Campaign materials: 30,500 people – placed at Winter Olympic Games Plaza’s information points, MCM stores in Gangnam, British Embassy in Seoul

Social media reach: 43,096,353 people

7% increase of calls reporting child abuse during the Winter Olympics & Paralympics compared to the same time period in 2017


It’s a Penalty supported the South Korean Federal Police during the 2018 Winter Games by publicising the national hotline 112 to sporting fans visiting for the Games. The number was shown on our campaign film, campaign materials and on social media. During the games there was a 7% increase in calls to this hotline reporting child abuse(compared to the same time period in 2017).  Due to local child protection laws, we are unable to know about the stories of the children nor the perpetrators. However, we believe that the public needs to be aware of these reporting mechanisms, as they pose a crime deterrent for potential offenders as well as providing help to victims.


The importance of having child protection and safeguarding on the agenda of sporting events like the Summer and Winter Olympics & Paralympics has never been so relevant as these events bring the world together, reaching millions. At PyeongChang, It’s a Penalty was the only child protection campaign inside the Winter Games Olympic Plaza. Our collaboration with the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics & Paralympics in Brazil has now enabled child protection and safeguarding to be part of the International Olympic Committee Sustainability programme.

Please download our full impact report here