2016 Olympics & Paralympics in Rio

212 million people total impact reached


Main achievements

The It’s a Penalty campaign messages reached 212 million people throughout the 2016 Olympic period The campaign film was shown on 9 international airlines and seen in-flight by over 40 million passengers The campaign film was shown on the giant live screens in the Olympic Park It’s a Penalty were part of the first child protection campaign allowed inside the Olympic Games

There were no incidents in the Olympic venues of crimes against children or adolescents

Throughout the Olympic period, there were no arrests of foreign offenders – whereas around the 2014 World Cup, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice in Brasilia, there were 29 foreign nationals reported through the Brazilian National help line number ‘Dial 100’ involved in cases of sexual exploitation.

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When it comes to sport it doesn’t get bigger than the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

More than 205 nations came together for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and over 500,000 people flew from all over the world to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to see the first Olympic Games ever hosted in South America.

The campaign ran from May to October 2016, and was launched at the National Crime Agency in London.

At the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, It’s a Penalty built upon the success of our 2014 campaign around the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

To achieve these amazing results, the It’s a Penalty Campaign partnered with the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee, A21, Comic Relief, Sysdoc, UNICEF, Global Hospitality Services. The campaign was also supported by the UK and Brazilian Government, law enforcement agencies, local NGOs and the general public.