By donating to It’s a Penalty Campaign you are enabling systematic change by helping us to continue to prevent many more from ever becoming victims in the first place.



As an individual you can:

  • Directly support the campaign financially with a secure donation through Virgin Money Giving. By contributing to It’s a Penalty, you help us to continue to prevent many from ever becoming victims in the first place.
  • Spread the word and #KNOWTHESIGNS of exploitation and trafficking. If you #KNOWTHESIGNS, you can help protect people from these forms of violence.
  • Report any cases of abuse, exploitation and trafficking you believe may be taking place
  • Give your skills – we always need help with projects
  • Give introductions to potential funders and supporters
  • Fundraise – Trek, bike, climb, raft, ride, sledge, ski, build. Push yourself to your limits, achieve an incredible personal goal to aid this important cause. Contact us for more information
  • Be a voice for the campaign to your friends and family through social media – Supporting It’s a Penalty on your social media can help spread the word and educate many others
  • Become an advocate at your workplace or community, and share the cause at events

As a corporate or an organisation you can:

  • Become a Partner of It’s a Penalty and directly contribute towards preventing abuse, exploitation and trafficking on a global scale – read more about our Partners
  • Invest in our work – we have sponsorship packages to fit with your budget and benefit your business and CSR. Contact us to arrange a meeting with our CEO and Campaign Director. Giselle Barboza, Campaign Director – 
  • Share our success – support the campaign by facilitating introductions, contacts, access to events, in-kind resources
  • Invite us to make a presentation about our work – we are more than happy to attend your events to share our story and how we are making a difference by building a safer world for all
  • Motivate your staff – by getting them involved with a project that is creating systematic global change. Ask us how