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This year we asked 100 people to help us understand and assess the difference that the It’s a Penalty campaign is making in EDUCATING about global issues of abuse, exploitation and trafficking, the penalties for offenders, and the signs to look out for in order to identify a crime. Also in EQUIPPING them with the mechanisms to report these crimes, both whilst at home and abroad, and ENCOURAGING them to be confident in making a report. Our survey revealed our impact as follows:

felt It’s a Penalty improved their awareness of the global issues of abuse, exploitation and trafficking

said their ability to identify the signs of these crimes had increased because of It’s a Penalty

felt more equipped to report crimes of abuse, exploitation and trafficking after being exposed to our 2018 Campaign

were educated by the It’s a Penalty Campaign about the existence of extraterritorial legislation (provisions in law which allow a country to prosecute citizens for the abuse and exploitation of children, even if the crimes are committed whilst overseas) in many countries worldwide

were more confident to make a report if they suspected one of these crimes was being committed because of It’s a Penalty


Over 960 million impacted to date
Helped facilitate the protection of 16,795 victims of exploitation
Created a first-of-its-kind Map with information on how to report abuse, exploitation or trafficking in every country in the world: www.itsapenalty.org/makeareport.

92 million people saw the IAP campaign film in-flight international airlines globally
In 2018, After seeing the It’s a Penalty campaign film on one of our partner airlines, an 11 year-old boy contacted It’s a Penalty to report the abuse of himself and his teammates by his swimming coach. The appropriate action has now been taken to inform the child’s parents and protect this child and others like him from the coach.

By donating to It’s a Penalty Campaign you are enabling systematic change by helping us to continue to prevent many more from ever becoming victims in the first place.