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Making a difference to the global landscape of abuse, exploitation and trafficking

24.9 million people

are trapped in modern-day slavery around the world (ILO)

Every year, human trafficking involves

5.5 million children

worldwide (ILO)

4.8 million people

(99% of which are women and girls) undergo forced sexual exploitation (ILO).

Global sex trafficking generates

$99 billion

in profits each year for traffickers (ILO)

63% of child

sex trafficking survivors were advertised online at some point during their trafficking situation (Thorn)

The huge influx of tourists and sporting fans to a country during a major sporting event increases the risk of children and vulnerable people being abused, exploited and trafficked (University of Dundee, ‘Let’s Win This Game Together: Documenting violations of children’s rights around the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.’)

It’s a Penalty harnesses the power of sport to prevent abuse, exploitation and trafficking on a global scale, positioning Major Sporting Events (MSEs) as platforms for positive change. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate abuse, exploitation and trafficking by 2030, contributing to the elimination of modern-day slavery and the achievement of UN SDG Target 16.2 ‘to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children’.

If we are serious about building a safer world for all, whilst giving voice to victims of such crimes, prevention needs to be at the top of the agendas of Governments, and the Private and Public sectors. By preventing these crimes, we are fulfilling part of our responsibility to protect the world’s most vulnerable from violence.

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