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We are working to build a world in which no-one is vulnerable to abuse, exploitation or trafficking

Having so far campaigned around six major sporting events, It’s a Penalty, together with partners, has facilitated the rescue of 16,795 victims of sexual exploitation, and prevented thousands more from becoming victims. Since our launch, we have reached and impacted a total of 960 million people worldwide, enabling them to play a part in building a better and safer world.

We believe in creating awareness about the issues, the signs to look out for, penalties for offenders and ways to report a crime, not only to serve as crime deterrents, but also to encourage victims to come forth and share their stories.

Alongside our Campaign work around major sporting events, we are also advocating for the global enactment and implementation of extraterritorial legislation against child sexual exploitation, which will allow countries to prosecute their citizens for the abuse of children if the offence takes place abroad. Despite its importance, 153 countries worldwide currently lack such legislation.

We welcome collaborators, supporters, funding and in-kind partners to share our success. Click here to see how you can make difference.