Children as young as 12 years old are being sold for sex in the U.S. In Miami, there are documented cases of children sex trafficking as young as 13-years old

More than 100,000 children are sold for sex in the U.S. each year

83% of sex trafficking victims in the U.S. are U.S. citizens

Miami has the fourth highest rate of calls per capita made to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in 2017 (Polaris);

Florida as a state has the third highest rate of human trafficking cases reported (Polaris)

Human trafficking is a major issue in Miami and the U.S.

To help end the problem…

on the 14th of January 2020, It’s a Penalty will launch its fifth global campaign, the third around the Super Bowl in the USA. The campaign will be launched in collaboration with our Founding Partner, A21. The Campaign is also partnering with the Women’s Fund Maimi-Dade (official NGO of the Super Bowl in Miami), N2 Publishing, and we have the support of the Florida State Attorney.

The main goals

for the 2020 Campaign are to raise awareness amongst sporting fans and the general public about the issues and penalties for offenders; to educate about the signs to look out for and to equip with the tools to make a report wherever they are in the world.

High profile American Football players

from the hosting team, Miami Dolphins, and others including iAaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton, Benjamin Watson, and Nick Foleswill deliver an impactful message on a new campaign 30 second film, which will be shown inflight by American Airlines to a potential audience of 20 million online passagers.

We are having discussions with local stakeholders in order to guarantee that as many people as possible are exposed to the campaign messages. Including:





As part of our commitment to end exploitation and human trafficking, we will equip sporting fans visiting Miami for the Super Bowl with the signs to look out for, the reporting hotline information and essential information in order to prevent these crimes and protect potential vicitms.

Our latest Campaign around the
Super Bowl in Atlanta had a tremendous
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what we’ve achieved.

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