2019 Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta


On the 15th January 2019, It’s a Penalty launched our seventh campaign around the Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, in collaboration with our Founder Partner, A21, along with N2 Publishing and its giving program N2GIVES, Comic Relief, the McCain Institute, Laureus Sport for Good, Freedom Challenge, Human Traffick Proof The ATL (IHTI), Wellspring Living, Sysdoc, Hilton and Polaris.

We utilised the monumental platform provided by the Super Bowl and harnessed the positive power of sport to reach millions of people in the run-up to and during the Super Bowl to stand up against human trafficking, both in Atlanta and worldwide. The main goals for the 2019 It’s a Penalty Campaign were to educate and raise awareness amongst sporting fans and the general public about the issues, penalties for offenders, and how to identify exploitation and trafficking, to equip them with the tools to make a report wherever they are in the world, and to encourage them to ‘learn something, see something, do something’.

High profile American Football players like Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton, Benjamin Watson, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Brad Guzan (Soccer player) were the voices and the faces of our 2019 campaign and appeared in our 30 second campaign video (which you can watch above), showed in-flight on American Airlines and British Airways, delivering the campaign awareness message to over 39.2 million passengers globally.

In addition, we partnered with the Hilton International hotels who brought together forty hotels in the city of Atlanta. Their management and staff received vital training to spot human trafficking. The film was also shown in the hotels and guests received It’s a Penalty campaign materials with the Polaris reporting hotline and the signs to look out for.  The 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers also received training to spot human trafficking by our partners IHTI (International Human Trafficking Institute) and watched the It’s a Penalty awareness video. Another industry that joined our fight against human trafficking was taxi companies, Uber and Lyft. 6000 Taxi drivers across Atlanta were trained by our partners IHTI and displayed campaign materials inside their cars, including rear-view mirror hanging tags with the Polaris hotline. We are very grateful for the outstanding results of this campaign and looking forward for Super Bowl LVI in Miami, Florida.

We believe that only by working together in partnership and collaboration will we be able to protect vulnerable people and children worldwide.


39.2 million passengers reached on American Airlines and British Airways flights by the It’s a Penalty campaign film shown in-flight over a period of two months – January and February.

93.3 million people were reached through media coverage of the It’s a Penalty 2019 Campaign, by news outlets such as Fox News, CBS 46  and 100 Huntley Street.

6.1 million people reached through social media on It’s a Penalty platforms as well as posts made by partners, influencers and supporters

10,000 Super Bowl volunteers received training to spot human trafficking by our partners IHTI and watched the It’s a Penalty campaign film .  It’s a Penalty wristbands in packaging with Polaris hotline were also distributed to the volunteers.


6,000 Uber and Lyft drivers across Atlanta were trained by our partners IHTI to spot and report human trafficking. It’s a Penalty’s informative materials was also displayed inside their taxis.


  • Management and staff at Hilton hotels across Atlanta were trained to identify and report human trafficking using ECPAT guidelines (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking), and given a presentation on the It’s a Penalty Campaign.
  • 40 Hilton hotels throughout Atlanta showed the It’s a Penalty 2019 Campaign film to its guests and distributed informative campaign materials to guests as they checked in.
  • It’s a Penalty teamed up  with The SOAP Project to deliver a weekend of volunteers visiting 300+ hotels and motels in Atlanta distributing soaps with the reporting hotline and educational folders with IAP posters, leaflets and wristbands featuring the Polaris hotline/text and signs, as well as a list of missing children in Atlanta compiled by NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children).


  • 18 sex trafficking survivors were identified and recovered (the youngest recovered was just 14 years old).
  • 169 arrests were made by the FBI task force, including 26 traffickers and 34 individuals attempting to engage in sex acts with minors.


Testimonials from drivers who participated in the training

”The Its a Penalty campaign is so important because our drivers interact with so many members of the community. The training, the awareness and the campaign materials saying what to do if you become suspicious of something are all so important for us at Uber.”

Ciara, manager at the Atlanta Uber hub.

“I recently picked up a man in his forties with a young girl and he told her she still owed him $10. The driver wrote her tel number on a $10 note and slipped it to the girl as she got out the taxi. The taxi drivers were all grateful for the campaign and for the hotline.”

“One time, I picked up the same girl who looked 15 but said she was 21 and dropped her off at different locations one night.”

Uber Driver

“The training really has opened my eyes. I’ve picked up young girls up from hotels and didn’t know what to do about it.”

Lou, Uber driver

As with all of the It’s a Penalty campaigns, the 2019 campaign has secured the backing of a number of high-profile sporting stars to appear on materials and in our 30-second film. This year, the stars are renowned American Football players, including:

Nick Foles

Quarterback (QB)

Ryan Tannehill


Andy Dalton


Matt Ryan


Benjamin Watson

Tight End (TE)

Brad Guzan


Aaron Rodgers


Roddy White

Wide Receiver (WR)