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2019 Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta


The 2019 It’s a Penalty Campaign will take place at the Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta (3rd February). Atlanta has one of the highest rates of human trafficking of any city in America, according to the FBI. Furthermore, figures show that 7,200 men in Georgia purchase sex from a minor every month, accounting for over 8,000 sex acts (The Shapiro Group).

The Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta is one of the most high-profile major sporting events of 2019, and the It’s a Penalty campaign will harness its platform to encourage millions of people in the run-up to, and during, the event to ‘Learn Something, See Something, Do Something’ and stand up against human trafficking.

The aims of It’s a Penalty in 2019 are to: prevent abuse, exploitation & , increase reporting, reduce demand for exploitation and trafficking, create awareness, and contribute to the positive legacy of the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

This year, It’s a Penalty again has the support of the Super Bowl anti-trafficking sub-committee, in the form of the Metro Atlanta Coalition to End Human Trafficking. It’s a Penalty is also collaborating with A21, N2 Gives, Comic Relief, the McCain Institute, Sysdoc, Laureus Sport for Good, Freedom Challenge, Wellspring Living and Hilton hotels to deliver our comprehensive anti-trafficking campaign throughout Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

As with all of the It’s a Penalty campaigns, the 2019 campaign has secured the backing of a number of high-profile sporting stars to appear on materials and in our 30-second film. This year, the stars are renowned American Football players, including:

Nick Foles

Quarterback (QB)

Ryan Tannehill


Andy Dalton


Matt Ryan


Benjamin Watson

Tight End (TE)

Brad Guzan


Aaron Rodgers


Roddy White

Wide Receiver (WR)

During the 2019 campaign, the short film will be shown inflight on all British Airways and American Airlines planes during January and February, as well as a full-page ad on It’s a Penalty to feature in American Way in-flight magazine, reaching a potential 39.2 million passengers alone. The film will also be shown in 90 Hilton Hotels – in lobbies, bedrooms and employee areas – and informative leaflets with the signs to look out for and how to report distributed to guests and staff. Further campaign materials, all featuring the faces of athletes, will be distributed by volunteers in venues, hotels, taxis and at events in the lead up to the Super Bowl. Each piece of material will alert readers to the signs of trafficking and exploitation, and offer the Polaris hotline (1(888) 373-888) and textline (233733) numbers to report. Traditional and social media will further be used to spread the message to #seesomething #learnsomething #dosomething.